Chase Reports

Summer 2002/03





Summer 2001/02

06/01/02 - Dust Storm Chase

Winter 2001

03/05/01 - A few funnels

Winter 2000

Winter - Some nice CB's

20/06/00 - Winter chase, 3 Tornadoes

Summer 1999/2000

20/02/00 - Thundery showers in Perth

Jan 4-14, 2000 Dust Devil Paradise

24/12/99 - Christmas Eve Chase

29/02/99 - Chase North East, nice storm with gust front

11th,12th,13th/12/99 - Chase's to Perth coast, Bindoon & Toodyay

02/11/99 - Nice chase to the wheatbelt with numerous CB's & some great mammatus

Winter 1999

10/06/99 - Perth Coast

Summer 1998/1999

27/01/98 - Great Dust Devil

28/11/98 - Dowerin Tornado & chase

Winter 1997/1998

17/04/98 - I chased & saw my first tornado, 2 supercells an awesome wallcloud & 1-2 inch hail

Winter 1997

05/09/97 - 5 tornadoes in WA in 36 hours

Summer 1996/1997

24/09/96 - A small funnel!

05/11/97 - Not a bad storm, another funnel

New Norcia Chase

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Report for 03/05/2001

On this day my wife and I were on the way to an appointment. When I left the house I loaded up the camera with some new film and took it with me. My wife Raeanne said why are you bringing that? I said just cause you never know. Anyway we were driving along over the causeway when I just happened to look at a small storm coming in over near Kings park. Guess what was hanging out the bottom, a funnel! I said &%#@ that's a funnel. It was pretty big, so I raced up riverside drive and pulled over on the grass. I got about 5 pics, it was very wide here and extended about 1/3 of the way to the ground. We watched it for about 10mins here. I now had some pics so I thought id try to get closer, we raced up to Kings park and it was still going. I couldn't get a shot for all the trees in the way. Then all of a sudden another funnel comes down right next to the big one! So nows there's two funnels going and do you think I could get a view to get a shot, nope, trees everywhere. So anyway after about 20mins I finally get a clear view and the funnels gone. It was quite wide and lasted about 20mins all up. I waited abit longer but it seemed to be crapping out somewhat so we drove off. I kept looking back and blow me down another long skinny funnel came down! I pulled over and got some more pics and we were 30mins late for our appointment. Perth has had no storms all summer then the day we got married there was a great lightning storm that came right over our wedding reception, then today 3 funnels in 20mins :) I didn't have the video but hey at least I got some pics. Pic 1 is a zoomed out image showing the small storm. Pics 2-9 is the first funnel and 10-11 are the second skinny funnel.

Ira Fehlberg

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