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Here is a list of the Video Footage Inflow Images have available.  Most of the footage has been filmed with a quality 3CCD digital video camera or a single chip digital video camera..




Marble sized hail
- Hail Fog,
- Hail hitting car
- coming in car window
- bouncing off road
- landing in puddles
- tearing leaves off tree
- driving into hail core
- low visibility with truck screaming past

Lightning - Fantastic Night Strike 100m from car (many pulses)
Dust Devils - Person running up to very large dust devil
- Dust devil intensifying sucking up dust, great definition
- 3 different sized dust decil in the same shot crossing in different  directions
Storm Structure - Rain foot
- Green colour to looking above at storm base
- Mammatus in daylight set against country field
Flooding - Flooding of the river at Guildford Perth after record January 24hr rainfall (104mm) earlier in the week


Inflow Images