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Tornados in Western Australia

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10/03/98 - Boyup Brook

05/09/98 - York

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21/12/77 - Northam Tornado


York Tornado on Friday the 5th of September 1998.

This tornado occurred mid Friday afternoon shortly after the Chidlow event. The track for this tornado is about 20k's in on west Talbot rd (off the Hwy. to York) and starts right near Catchment rd. The track runs directly SSE. It is about 300m wide at its widest point about approx. 1.5kilometers in length. From the start the track is kind of egg shaped, fanning out from the start to its widest point and then coming back in again. There are many large healthy mature gum trees down with lots of evidence of rotation. There are trees de-barked, tops twisted off, branches driven into the ground and fallen trees lying in all different directions. Most of the damage is consistent with an F-0 tornado.

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