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Australian Storm Chasers

New South Wales

Australian Severe Weather - This page is without a doubt the most comprehensive weather site in Australia. Its put together and run by Michael Bath and Jimmy Deguara. It covers Australian Weather Photography, Storm News & Storm Chasing, Tropical Cyclones, Weather Data and Links, Observations, Observation Techniques, Weather Photo Catalogue, the complete collection of their scanned weather imagery sorted by year. Over 2,900 images !!, Tornadoes, Kattron Lightning Data.

Sydney Storm Chasers - Sydney Chasers

Michael Thompson's Storm Chase Diary - By ASWA member Michael Thompson, this awesome site covers all aspects of the weather. His photos are awesome. Michael has been chasing storms in Australia before I was born. A must see site!

Lightning photos - Michael Baths lightning site, also mind blowing, what can we say, go to it!

Storm Chase Report Page - NSW chaser and ASWA member Matthew Smiths site. Has chase reports and various other weather info, check it out.


Australian Weather News & Links - By Laurier Williams. Heaps and heaps of info and links to weather related stuff.

Brisbane Storm Chasers Homepage - Brisbane chasers

Level Crossing BBS

Brisbane & SouthEast Queensland Storm Site - James Chambers

Anthony Cornelius site - Some awesome pictures of more QLD supercells and the gust front from hell!!!

Steve Baynham Lightning Photos of Queensland - Another ASWA members homepage. Heaps of nice lightning pics, all thumbnailed for quick and easy viewing.

Martin Barritt Canberra and Brisbane Lightning - Real nice Lighning pics, also thumbnailed.

South Australia

South Australian Severe Weather

Andrew Wall's  Adelaide Severe Weather Photography - Another great site, Andrew runs ASWA in South Australia.


Anvil Industries - Tony Middleton

Melbourne Storm Chasers - The VIC branch of the ASWA, put together by Jane O'Neill. Heaps of good gear, chase reports and the like. Severe Weather

Wild Weather World - My mate Kevan Phyland from Vic site. Heaps of great pics and chase reports that go way back, worth a look!

Western Australia

Perth Local & World Weather - Perth: Local and World Weather, this site gives you all the weather information you need for the Perth area and the rest of Australia. When I say all I mean all! It also has links to weather data and forecasts to many places around the world. Run by WA ASWA member and friend of mine Jacob Audemhampe.

Strike One - WA storm chaser, *ASWA member, ASWA webmaster and friend of mine Mike Fewings. This site is 11 out of 10, Mikes chased 1000's of k's all over WA and has some lightning pictures that you have to see to believe. They are just awesome, each one, one of kind pics. Even if you don't give a rats about storms be sure to checkout Mikes pics. Unreal!!

Karratha Weather - Run by Jason Bush & Keith Evans two storm chasers and severe weather enthusiasts from WA's North West. Be sure to check out the awesome weather pic archive for chase pictures and damage photos of the 1999 CAT5 cyclone, Vance, that hit Exmouth.

Northern Photography - Paul Mossman


Chasing the Storm: Weather Photography  - A nice page of Links to Weather Photo Websites (Thanks Matty for letting us know about it)

SafeStars - Tornado Safety and Preparedness For Adults and Kids  - An educational site for Safety and Preparedness (Thank you Michael and your tutor Mary for letting us know about this resource. Science and learning is awesome so keep it up!)