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A Comprehensive Glossary of Weather Terms for Storm Spotters by Michael Branick

American Meteorological Society (AMS)  Learn about CAPE

Australian Bureau of Meteorology - Lots of different subjects here.

Australian Severe Weather - Has a guide to Observation Weather Techniques (by Jimmy Deguara)

Clickable Storms by Gene Rhoden

COMET Satellite Meteorology Course by Bob Rabin

Cloud Catalog (University of Illinois)

Clouds ITV UK

Contour Analysis (University of Wisconson-Madison)

Factors Affecting the Di-urnal Cycles:  Clouds & Moisture (by Texas A&M University)

Forces in the Atmosphere (Texas A&M Meteorolgy Dept.)

Hole in the Ozone Layer - (by Cambridge University UK) Learn about it here

METAR/TAF Information (NWS)

Plymouth State University Tutorials - Clouds, Sun, Balance Flows, AMS Datastream.  Look for Tutorials

Radiosondes (NWS Birmingham, AL)

Severe Storms Spotters Guide (NSSL)

Severe & Unusual Weather  (Colledge of Dupage)

Singer's Lock Online Weather Book

StormTrack Homepage - This online US based Newsletter has a list of documents discussing Severe Weather Forecasting and Concepts.  Check out the sections Headed Meteorological Articles and Case Studies

The Makings of a Tornado (ABC News)

Types of Thunderstorms (USA Today)   Information on Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Watyerspouts, Hurricanes, Chasing, Research

VORTEX - Unravelling the Secrets (NSSL)

WW2010 University of Illinois - NOAA Severe Storms Spotters Guide - This is a great site covering many weather concepts including: fronts, thunderstorms, reading maps, forecasting, tornados, and more.

Oklahoma Climatological Survey  (Homepage)   Training Modules & Case Studies
                                                                              Earths Energy Budget
                                                                              Vertical Structure of Atmosphere
                                                                              Heat Transfer
                                                                              Hi - Low Systems