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By David A. J. Seargent MA Ph.D. FRAS.

It is still popularly thought that tornadoes are rare in Australia and those that do occur are milder or less serious than their Northern American counterparts.

This book will shatter all such illusions!

The tornado is as much an Australian phenomenon as it is an American one. Moreover, there is growing evidence that our twisters can be equally violent.

Only the sparse Australian population, especially in those regions of the country more prone to tornadoes, has saved us thus far from a major disaster. But what of the future as our numbers grow?

Has the time arrived to take the Australian tornado seriously?

The book is $17.95 and orders can be made to Karagi Publications, PO BOX 204, The Entrance NSW 2261

This book without a doubt has the most comprehensive coverage of tornadoes in Australia then any previous publication. With many many examples and over 17 photos of tornadic events in this country. The book also covers all types of tornadoes including line squall tornadoes, landspouts, coldair funnels, tropical cyclone tornadoes, wind devils and fire devils. It explains the origins of each in an easy to read manner. Other chapters include, prediction, recognition and safety, tornado pranks, looking for tornadoes, a 30-page chapter with examples of Australian tornadoes and all the info on Fujita's rating scale. I personally have learnt more about tornadoes from this book than any other single source. If your into severe weather in any capacity this is a must have book. Besides at 115 pages and only $17.95 it's a bargain. Review by Ira Fehlberg.